All About Dry Cleaning in Ohio & Indiana: The Process, Benefits, & Solvents Used

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May 16, 2024

In recent years, the dry cleaning industry has witnessed a wave of innovation driven by advancements in technology and changing consumer preferences. And let’s admit it, dry cleaning has become an integral part of our lives, providing us not just the highest level of care for our garments but even convenience all the way to our doorstep.

So for someone like you who might reside in Ohio or Indiana, you may be wondering how these innovations and advancements in dry cleaning apply to you. Or, will it really benefit you in the long run?

Keep reading to uncover all the layers of dry cleaning in Ohio/Indiana, from the basics of the process to the different types of solvents used by Ohio dry cleaners.


Dry Cleaning Explained: What is It and How Does it Work?

Dry cleaning is a special cleaning process for clothes and fabrics that can’t be washed with water and detergent like your regular laundry. Instead of water, dry cleaners use a solvent—a special liquid that cleans your clothes without soaking them. This solvent can dissolve stains and dirt without causing damage even to the most delicate fabrics.

The Meticulous Dry Cleaning Process

When you take your garments to a professional dry cleaner in Ohio or Indiana, they go through a meticulous cleaning cycle. Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Inspection and Tagging of Items for Identification:

Every time you walk into the dry cleaner, do you also wonder how the professionals keep track of whose shirt is whose or ensure that your special dress doesn’t get swapped with someone else’s? That’s where inspection and tagging comes in. Each item brought in is given a once over, not just for existing damages but to make it as identifiable as if it had its own social security number. This simple yet effective step is what keeps the chaos at bay and keeps the customers’ trust.

Step 2. Stain Treatment for Stubborn Spots:

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Professional Ohio and Indiana dry cleaners meticulously analyze every stain in all garments, identifying its nature and choosing a specific solvent or treatment that will break it down without harming the fabric. This step in the dry cleaning process is vital because it’s not just about removing the stain; it’s about preserving the garment’s integrity and ensuring that it looks as good as new when it’s delivered back to you.

Step 3. The Actual Dry Cleaning With Solvents:

Moving into the heart of the whole operation, the actual dry cleaning with solvents is where the transformation really happens. In this stage, your garments are completely immersed in a solvent, and though it sounds intense, it’s actually quite a soft and refined process. Once the cycle is complete, not only are your clothes clean, but they also retain their color and texture.

Step 4. Post-Cleaning Inspection and Finishing Touches:

After the actual cleaning process, each piece undergoes a thorough post-cleaning inspection, where every inch is scrutinized to ensure that no stains or blemishes are left. Shirts, dresses, and even linens are pressed, steamed, and sometimes even hand-finished to perfection. The pride and care put into this last step really shines through, making the whole dry cleaning process feel like a tailor-made service just for you.

Step 5. Packaging and Ready for Customer Pickup:

Once everything is pressed and looking its best, the next step is all about getting your items ready for you to take home. Ohio/Indiana dry cleaners use breathable garment bags for clothes and sturdy boxes for special items like a fine sweater or your elegant wedding dress that needs extra protection. It’s like each piece is getting first-class treatment, making you feel valued as a customer.

Finally, when everything’s perfectly packaged, the cleaners will notify you that your items are ready for pickup. Clintonville, Dublin, Lakewood or Richmond – no matter where in Ohio or Indiana, the convenience of knowing you can go collect your freshly cleaned and meticulously packed clothing feels incredible.

Solvents Used By Ohio & Indiana Dry Cleaners

Option1: Perchloroethylene (The Traditional Choice- Not Used By Fox Cleaners)

Perchloroethylene, or “perc” as it’s often known, stands as the traditional backbone in the realm of dry cleaning, and for good reason. It’s the go-to solvent for many dry cleaners in Ohio and Indiana, especially when dealing with deep-set stains and oil-based marks that seem nearly impossible to remove. However, there are environmental and health concerns associated with the use of perc, as it is classified as a flammable solvent. And so, strict regulations govern its use and disposal to minimize its impact.

Option 2: Hydrocarbon (A Gentler Alternative)

Hydrocarbon solvents are a softer, gentler alternative in dry cleaning. It’s a change that’s not only kinder to your clothes but feels good for the planet too. These solvents are known for their less aggressive approach, preserving the integrity and feel of even the most delicate fabrics like lace or fine silk.

Option 3: GreenEarth Cleaning (An Eco-Friendly Option)

For a more environmentally friendly dry cleaning option in Ohio and Indiana, GreenEarth Cleaning is unlike traditional solvents. It does not leave a harsh chemical scent or alter the texture of delicate materials but rather makes them smell fresh and feel as luxurious as ever.

Option 4: Liquid CO2 Cleaning (Innovative and Less Toxic)

Liquid CO2 Cleaning is a cutting-edge technique that utilizes pressurized carbon dioxide to cleanse fabrics, which is not only incredibly effective but also significantly reduces the use of harsh chemicals. It’s indeed fascinating to see such modern techniques being embraced by local dry cleaners, making it easier for customers like me to make eco-conscious choices.

Option 5: Wet Cleaning (Water-Based and Solvent-Free)

This method, adopted by several dry cleaners in Ohio and Indiana, uses water and specialized detergents that are milder than home laundry products, offering a safe haven for delicate fabrics that typically shy away from water. The beauty of wet cleaning lies in its gentle approach, still being able to preserve the life and integrity of various garments while being an environmentally friendly alternative.

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What Garments Can You Take to Dry Cleaners in Ohio & Indiana?

Dry cleaning isn’t just for special occasions or delicate fabrics—it’s a reliable method for preserving and cleaning a wide range of garments that you might not be able to toss in your regular laundry. If you’ve ever wondered what items you can take to the dry cleaner, here’s a handy list to help you out:

  • Suits and Blazers: Your high-quality tailored suits and blazers, especially those made of wool, linen, or silk, should be dry-cleaned to keep them looking sharp and well-maintained.
  • Dresses: Whether it’s your favorite evening gown, a formal dress, or even your wedding dress with intricate lace or delicate silk, these garments will benefit from the gentle touch of dry cleaning.
  • Silk Clothing: Anything made from silk—be it blouses, shirts, or ties—should be entrusted to the dry cleaner to avoid potential water damage and ensure they stay in top condition.
  • Cashmere and Wool Sweaters: Those cozy cashmere and wool sweaters might keep you warm, but they’re also delicate. Dry cleaning helps prevent stretching, shrinking, or pilling, keeping them looking as good as new.
  • Delicate Blouses and Shirts: Blouses or shirts with decorative elements, pleats, or fine embroidery deserve special care. Dry cleaning ensures these intricate features are preserved.
  • Outerwear: Coats, trench coats, and winter jackets made from wool, cashmere, or suede are best left to the professionals for dry cleaning. It not only maintains their appearance but also ensures they remain functional.
  • Skirts and Slacks: Wool skirts or slacks with creases and pleats can lose their shape if not cleaned properly. Dry cleaning helps keep them looking crisp and well-maintained.
  • Drapes and Curtains: Large items like drapes and curtains made from heavy or delicate fabrics can accumulate dust, allergens, and stains over time. Dry cleaning is the best way to freshen them up and restore their appearance.
  • Bedding and Linens: High-quality bed linens, duvet covers, and tablecloths often benefit from dry cleaning to maintain their appearance and extend their lifespan. It’s a great way to keep your bedroom and dining area looking clean and inviting.

Fox Cleaners Looks Forward to Serving You In Ohio & Indiana!

If you live in any Ohio neighborhood or the Richmond, Indiana area and are actively looking for a reliable dry cleaning partner, Fox Cleaners is here to help you with all your cleaning requests. Our mission is to redefine the dry cleaning experience by offering unparalleled quality, convenience, and customer service, all while adhering to sustainable practices.

Fox Cleaners isn’t just Ohio and Indiana’s premier garment care provider – it’s a legacy built on experience and expertise. Since 1947, our team of skilled cleaners has meticulously cared for countless garments, translating to decades of combined knowledge. For added convenience, we also offer free dry cleaning pickup and delivery service. In most cases, we can have your clothes cleaned and returned within the day, so you don’t have to wait long to wear your favorite outfit again.

Contact us today to schedule any service you need!



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fox Cleaners open on weekends?

To accommodate customers who have busy weekday schedules, Fox Cleaners keeps its doors open even on Saturdays. Our laundromat in Brooksville, Ohio is also open 24/7. To know the precise operating hours for each of our retail stores in Ohio and Indiana, kindly visit our website and click on the location you find most convenient. You may also reach us at 937-276-4171 or email us at and our customer service team will respond to you within 24 hours.

What happens if my items are damaged during the dry cleaning process?

While we take every precaution to ensure the safety of your garments, accidents can happen. In the rare event that an item is damaged during the dry cleaning process, we have a fair and transparent process in place to resolve the issue.

Can Fox Cleaners remove all types of stains from my garments?

Dry cleaning is indeed very effective in removing most stains. However, certain stains may require specialized treatment or may not be entirely removable. Our experienced team will do their best to address any stains on your garments.

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